Hand held shower heads —- how to take advantage of their benefits

Almost everyone are willing to install a flexible and convenient shower head in the bathroom.  You can install the shower heads on the wall or shower pipe. You may as well choose the hand held shower head. That is to say, you can hold the shower head and control the waterfall freely.

Hand held shower heads

Benefits of using hand held shower heads

Obviously, one of the advantages of using hand held shower head can make people have a relaxed shower. You can control the head to wash the specific body. You even just need to stand there or sit in the bathtub to enjoy the warm water. It can also save a certain water and keep the bathroom clean, after all, the water will not be sprayed everywhere. What you need to do is adjusting the water temperature ahead of time.

When using hand held shower head, it is necessary for you to install a set on the wall or on the bathtub to hold the shower head. Generally speaking, when buying the hand held shower heads, some other necessary accessories are equipped completely.

Hand held shower heads

There are all kinds of hand held shower head on the market, you can search them on the internet or at retail shops. Choosing the most suitable type according to the bathroom structure and other accessories setting, then you will enjoy the convenient and relaxed life.


How  to choose lavatory faucet correctly?

If you are looking for a suitable and good lavatory faucet, here are some tips and skills that may be helpful for you. There are all sorts of lavatory faucets on the market, people will be confused when confronted with so many choices. Then, you’d better have a look at the following information.

Rotatable Bathroom Sink Faucet

First of all, we need to pay attention to the outside appearance of lavatory faucets. People can know the material of metal surface of lavatory faucet. You need to know some basic knowledge of common materials like polished nickel, stainless steel, gold, platinum, satin nickel, polished chrome, acrylic, bronze, brass and so on, and then choose the most suitable one according to the actual demands and budgets.

The handles of lavatory faucets are various, such as round handle, lever handle and cross handle. You can choose them freely for your convenience. Besides, the bathroom sink faucets are in different shapes. There are round type, ball type, rectangle type and so on. Just take your tastes and interior style into consideration, then it will be easier to choose the suitable shape. No matter for the classical style, vintage style, or modern style, all of them can play an efficient role in decorating your lavatory space.

In addition, we also need to choose the relevant drainage with faucets. Many people will ignore it usually, then it will create some troubles in daily life and have a bad influence on the whole appearance. Thus, we can ask the professional people for help to finally get the right and suitable lavatory and drainage.

Single-Handle Lavatory Faucet

There are some other aspects that we need to pay attention, so just search on the internet to know more precautions before choosing lavatory faucets for  your home.


Modern Wall Mount Kitchen Faucet

When you want to choose new faucets for your new home or just replace the old one, you should know clearly that which kind of faucets you prefer. Wall mount kitchen faucets have different shapes, styles, designs and finishes; and you should know clearly about which size you want to choose and which finish is the most suitable for your home. In addition, spray of the faucets are also an important elements for yout to choose because everyone of you would prefer different kinds of faucets because of their own habit.

Chrome Finish Wall Mounted New Kitchen Faucets

Chrome Finish Wall Mounted New Kitchen Faucets

Decorative Cold Water Wall Mount Kitchen Sink Faucets

Decorative Cold Water Wall Mount Kitchen Sink Faucets

Fashion Two Holes Wall Mount Faucet Kitchen

Fashion Two Holes Wall Mount Faucet Kitchen

Rotatable Chrome Faucet Only Cold Water Wall Mounted

Rotatable Chrome Faucet Only Cold Water Wall Mounted


Best Kitchen Sinks suited for your stylish kitchens

Space saving and ideal for small kitchens

The corner kitchen sinks are known to be one of the best kitchen sinks that are beneficial and also look good. They are ideal for kitchens that are small spaced. They are known to be great space savers and can help you to accomplish washing tasks without any kind of hassles and disturbance. They are placed in the corner unlike kitchen sinks that are placed in the middle. Corner kitchen sinks help you to move with grace and ease.

Ideal for L or U shaped kitchens

Corner kitchen sinks are the best kitchen sinks which are ideal for L or U shaped layouts. They not only are ideal for your kitchen but also help to give an aesthetic appeal to the kitchen and are reliable as well. These kitchen sinks can also be placed in bigger sized kitchens in time of events. Bigger kitchen sinks help to pile up glass dishes with ease so that they do not fall down.

Under Mount Installation Kitchen Sinks

Available in a variety of shapes and sizes

Corner kitchen sinks are available in a variety of shapes and sizes as well as a wide assortment of designs. You can also choose from a wide range of materials like granite, steel, porcelain, bone china, copper and bronze at times. These are the best kitchen sinks that are available in shapes like circle, triangle, square and rectangle. These sinks are very durable and easy to maintain as well. They are definitely the best in the market.


Top 3 types of Clawfoot tub faucets

There are vast arrays of dissimilar trends of Clawfoot Tub Faucet that are obtainable for the Clawfoot pot. It is too probable to acquire a set of faucet. The faucet for the Clawfoot tub is usually shaped from metal and it can as well be completed from plastic.

The wall hanging look:

The most ordinary design of tub faucet is that one which gets mounted on top of the inside of the pot and the hose opening faces directly down. This fashion is usually referred to like a wall-mount faucet although it is in fact being fixed to the within of the tub.

The Gooseneck intend

One more ordinary fashion of faucet for the Clawfoot tub faucets (http://www.savingfaucets.com/clawfoot-tub-faucet-c-1_14_68.html) is that particular one that is fixed firmly to the within of the bathtub but contains a water opening that leaves down from a elevated loop off the pinnacle of the bath tub. This kind of faucet is usually mentioned to like the gooseneck style.

Clawfoot tub faucets

A Victorian Look

Claw foot bath tubs are a stylish way to beautify your bathroom, and they are ended very fine with one of the numerous dissimilar faucet sets. It is too probable to put in a bit of a traditional look to contemporary manner bathrooms utilising one of such faucets.


But the most well-liked style with fans of Clawfoot tub faucets is the manner that gets hanged on top of the higher edge of the bathtub. This may be done utilising a gooseneck design or a handheld plain faucet shower. Clawfoot tub faucets can really make your bathroom attractive. There are mainly 3 kinds of tub faucets. They are the wall hanging look then the gooseneck design and the Victorian design. But the hanging look is the most preferred and affordable design among all others.


Maintaining Oil Rubbed Bronze Bathroom Faucet

Quality of bronze

Bronze is a costly material but it last long as it can sustain corrosion. This is the reason why people are using more of the Oil Rubbed Bronze Bathroom Faucet. They are simple and easy to use but with this material you need to be extra careful. There are certain things that you should do to maintain the Oil Rubbed Bronze Bathroom Faucet.

Tips for cleaning bronze faucets

The first and foremost things you have to do are clean the faucets regularly. The bronze material does not get affected by the corrosion but it is sometimes possible that it have green film on it. So, it needs routine cleaning. If you have the right cleaning solutions then the Oil Rubbed Bronze Bathroom Faucet will sustain for a longer time and it will maintain its shine also. The dust, toothpaste, hairspray, shaving gel and other things will eat the bronze from the Oil Rubbed Bronze Bathroom Faucet. So, use a soft cloth and wipe your faucets with the cloth daily. If you have not cleaned it since long time then you should clean it with a brush and a solution. The natural solution is to mix 1 tsp of salt and 3 quarts of water and use it to clean the bronze.

Oil Rubbed Bronze Bathroom Faucet

If you wish to deep clean the faucet then you should use the paste mixture for it. Mix 1 tsp of salt with 1 cup of vinegar, then add white flour and make the mixture thick. Coat the bronze faucets with it and after 1 hour clean it with warm water. If you want to polish the Oil Rubbed Bronze Bathroom Faucet then take a cloth and dip it into wax. Wipe the faucet with wax and after it gets dry remove it with fresh cloth. This helps to restore the shine of Oil Rubbed Bronze Bathroom Faucet.


The Art in Buying Removable Towel Rings

A lot of people don’t have the freedom to decorate their homes in the way they want. This can be attributed to boring rental policies and strict regulations. Sometimes, you should go with the flow or think strategically. What would you do if your rental home doesn’t have towel rings and you are not allowed to make a single hole in the walls? This is when removal towel rings become useful.

Benefits of Removable Towel Rings

A removable towel ring will let you install it anywhere and remove it at any time. In general, these are lightweight structures that are made of durable materials. Instead of drilling holes in the wall, removable rings are designed with adhesive. All that you should do is press the towel ring on the wall till it grips perfectly. However, remember that you can remove towel rings effortlessly. A little bit of pulling will get the towel ring off the surface. Beneath the towel ring everything will remain intact, as if nothing was ever placed!

towel rings

If you are ought to invest on a towel ring, here are few points to help you:

1)In order to increase the ring’s lifetime, you should place only one towel in it. Some people have the habit of stacking several layers of cloth on a single towel ring. If the ring’s weight limit is reached, it will certainly fall down! So, think twice about the removable towel ring’s weight limit.

2)If you want to hang more than one towel, opt for another removable towel ring. When compared against conventional towel rings, the removable ones are cheap and readily available.

3)If you wish to uplift the bathroom’s overall look, go for designer towel rings. The market has many towel rings with different designs and embellishments.


Count 11 tips for saving water

1, the water supply, when you go out, please tighten the faucet.

2, do not wash their hands long open faucet, wash clothes or vegetables.

3, the use of a washing machine or dishwasher, collect clothes or washing dishes together.

4, dripping water faucet can be 70 liters per day; in order to avoid waste, should be repaired immediately.

5, the newly built houses to adopt water-saving toilets;

6, if the rinsing water to leave to do the next batch of clothes washed with water, one can save 30 to 40 liters of water.

7, cookware, utensils oil on paper first and then erased water-saving washing; washing fruits and vegetables should control the faucet flow, intermittent change continuously rinse water.

8, to focus on washing clothes, you should minimize the number of laundry; small pieces, hand wash a few clothes advocate can save a lot of water; detergent moderation delivery, excess delivery will cause a lot of waste water.


9, hand wash your face with basin. Wash your hands with running water, wash will waste a lot of water, if handwashing with washbasin, can reduce unnecessary waste, but also can be hand washing water to rinse after mop, flush the toilet.

10, the residual tea can wipe furniture. In addition to the wash water, the residue after tea drinking tea can also be used to scrub windows, doors and furniture.

11, water faucet should be universal. Many people recommend, water management or property management department should replace the water faucet to residential buildings, so that can effectively save a lot of water.



How to choose water efficient faucets?

The water efficient faucet usually has high price, but it can save if you use for a long time. Choose water efficient faucet don’t only according to your own favor, but also should pay attention to the quality of valve.

Water efficient faucet usually use a special bubbler inside the spout which can avoid splashing and save water, at the same time, has more comfortable feeling through the sparking air massage water. Before you purchase a water efficient faucet, you need to text the faucet to see whether it has sparking or not. In addition, you also should notice the faucet is matching with your ware or not to judge the size. The water efficient faucet is a little expensive but it is also cheap for long-time using.

Choosing a water efficient faucet, you’d better not only focus on the surface design is fashion or not, but also should look at the quality of faucet valve.

Bathroom sink faucets products on the faucetsinhome.com has floating valve technology, use the water pressure in the pipe to turn on and off a hydraulic hoist conduct.

Bathroom sink faucets

Handle only play the role of induced, leading fully opened and closed by water pressure. This switching method changed the traditional products such as the mandatory mechanical hoist way ceramic core, screw valves, ball valves and other products, to avoid wear and tear, to prevent the loss of traditional valve components shift caused by the "run, run, drip, leak" significant problems, product therefore durable.


The cleaning method of kitchen faucets

Many people think they only need to keep the surface of kitchen faucet clean, but they neglect a factor that the inside part of kitchen faucet is more important. If the kitchen faucet has less outlet or bifurcation outlet, it may caused by the blocking bubbler. Then you need to remove the bubbler and soaked the bubbler with vinegar, then clean it with little brush or other tools.

To clean the plated finish of brass faucet, you can use hot water with some detergent and also can use some powerful oil decontamination detergent.

If the kitchen faucet surface has dirt or water rust you can use wet cloth or sponge to clean the surface with a little detergent then use dry cloth or water to clean again.

Although the chrome finish announced that it is antioxidant and anti-corrosion, wrong cleaning methods still can be damage the kitchen faucet. Do not use the scourer to brush the kitchen faucet surface because it is very hard and can scratched the kitchen faucet surface.

kitchen faucet

The maintenance of kitchen faucet is very important, you should know the following four steps.

1.Do not open and close the kitchen faucet overexert, just rotate it gently.

2.The metal shower chain should lay natural, do not coil it to the kitchen faucet.

3.After using a period of time, if you find it has less outlet you can screw the opening off and clean the filter then it will be good again.

4.Find professional workers to install the kitchen faucet.

Attention tips:

Use neutral detergent instead of strong acid detergent. Wipe the kitchen faucet with soft brush or cotton cloth dipping toothpaste to remove the dirt and water rust.