Count 11 tips for saving water

1, the water supply, when you go out, please tighten the faucet.

2, do not wash their hands long open faucet, wash clothes or vegetables.

3, the use of a washing machine or dishwasher, collect clothes or washing dishes together.

4, dripping water faucet can be 70 liters per day; in order to avoid waste, should be repaired immediately.

5, the newly built houses to adopt water-saving toilets;

6, if the rinsing water to leave to do the next batch of clothes washed with water, one can save 30 to 40 liters of water.

7, cookware, utensils oil on paper first and then erased water-saving washing; washing fruits and vegetables should control the faucet flow, intermittent change continuously rinse water.

8, to focus on washing clothes, you should minimize the number of laundry; small pieces, hand wash a few clothes advocate can save a lot of water; detergent moderation delivery, excess delivery will cause a lot of waste water.


9, hand wash your face with basin. Wash your hands with running water, wash will waste a lot of water, if handwashing with washbasin, can reduce unnecessary waste, but also can be hand washing water to rinse after mop, flush the toilet.

10, the residual tea can wipe furniture. In addition to the wash water, the residue after tea drinking tea can also be used to scrub windows, doors and furniture.

11, water faucet should be universal. Many people recommend, water management or property management department should replace the water faucet to residential buildings, so that can effectively save a lot of water.


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